Maryland Film Production Tax Credit Economic Impact Study (2014)

Abstract: Study prepared by the Maryland Department of Legislative Services (DLS) to evaluate the State’s film production tax credit according to the following: (1) purpose for which the tax credit was established (2) whether the original intent of the tax credit is still valid (3) whether the tax credit is meeting its objectives (4) whether the goals of the tax credit could be more effectively carried out by other means (5) the cost of the tax credit to State and local governments.


Academy Awards 2013 Economic Impact Study (2014)

Micronomics was asked to quantify the economic impact of the 2013 Academy Awards on Los Angeles County. Based on our analysis, we have concluded that this event produced at least $67 million in immediate, identifiable benefits to Los Angeles County, including $1.5 million from out-of-town visitors, $2 million from limousine rentals, $2 million associated with the wardrobe of local female attendees, $26 million spent by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, $6 million associated with the major Oscar parties, and $30 million in multiplier effects, including $2 million in state tax revenue and $1.7 million in local tax revenue.